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Seeing Silver This Week

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David Thibodaux was back on the big Bluewave with three customers. We decided to beat the heat and change up the slow hot grind. The plan worked out great as the trout responded and ate up our double rigged Matrix Shad. Love it when a plan comes together, we had a blast laughing and cutting up all night. Thanks again guys.

Fourth annual July 5th afternoon trip with Beau Boudreaux and his dad. We crushed the reds again and added some green trout again, four years in a row with the same exact results. Always a good time with these guys. Green Hornet Matrix and Purple Haze Vortex with gold spinners accounted for every fish.

I had one of my very good customers and his family back with me again today. We headed out for trout and found very clean water. First cast produced two beautiful 20 inch trout on #Matrix Shad, I thought it was going to be on fire! Turned out to be a slow steady bite of singles and doubles all 18-20 inch fish. By 9 am we were run off by high winds, rough seas, and thunder storms. We stopped in the marsh picking up three reds and three green trout before my crew called it a day. Always a pleasure fishing with this family. Big thanks to Capt K Labat for putting Richard Espinosa and wife on the trout also.

David Fishburn and sons were back with me today. We were greeted with slick calm seas this morning and thought it was going to be a Slam. Our first stop did not produce so we made a move and found the big girls in the 18-20 inch range. We picked away 1-2 at a time on our double rigged #Matrixshad as usual. We decided to look for a better bite but never found it. Once we returned there was no tide and we only picked up a few more before the storms ran us off. Good times with these guys again, thanks.

Davian Bayham and crew were with me once again on the big #bluewaveboats. We found a decent bite at our first stop slinging in some big singles and doubles. It looked as if we were going to fill up the box, then it happened! The switch turned off in the blink of the eye, lockjaw mode for the next couple hours. We moved and moved until we found them! We got on another good run midday and filled up the K2 with some nice 18-20 inch trout. Every fish as usual caught on double rigged Matrix/Vortex Shad. Green Hornet, avocado, and Purple Haze have been the top producers. Always a pleasure fishing with Davian and crew, thanks again.

Capt Marty LaCoste

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