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Big Bridge Results 7 10 18

Had some time on my hands,checked predicted tidal movement and WUndeground weather report and made de executive decision to hit Big Bridge from get-go and launched at Cane not nearly as early as I wanted to,my bad,and hit Big Bridge a tad before 7:15 am and on exactly second cast,nabbed fine red on same ole,same ole-Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse.Think I have somewhat of a curse either catching a red on first or second cast as it seems like they are solitaires,plenty of experience to somewhat verify dat curse!!Hit a few turn-arounds and nabbed fat red(had three small croakers and bunch of crab debris in bloated belly)and then headed to what used to be bass and redfish haven,not occupied with mostly gators and skittish bass(extremely clear water most likely culprit as I spooked bunch of nice bass)and plenty of fat ole alligator gars!!!Probably wasted time heading to Goose Point area but dat area has been somewhat productive.Probably gonna head back out Friday at the earliest!!