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Boat trailer fix up before a trip was ruined!

We were on you way to Grand Isle with the boat in tow. I witnessed 2 vechicles on the side of the road, one had bearing problems and the other had a blown tire. Poor fishermen, their trips were ruined before they ever reach the water. Our trip turned out great catching plenty trout and bullreds. That afternoon, my son unhitched the trailer at the camp and drove off to visit friends at a near by camp. He forgot to unplug the lite connection an ripped out the wiring harness. We returned home and put the boat an trailer under the carport to work on the a new light system. While under the trailer I noticed the U Bolts holding the axle were about to give way due to corrosion. The leaf springs were also in bad condition. The trailer was 16 years old and had never had work done on it. Having the boat trailer under the carport, we changed the light system, upgraded the springs to a brand new 4 leaf spring, and changed the U Bolts. I couldn't imagine in the predawn hours having to work on a boat trailer on the side of the road. Fishermen, do yourself a favor an inspect your trailer. Here iare 10 general inspections for your trailer to check:

1. The lights and connection

2. Lug nuts

3. Tires for pressure, cracks, dry rot

4. Bearings and seals, put grease

5. U Bolts, springs, & Bolts

6. Safety chain and use it

7. Running boards and carpet

8. Fenders & frame, look for cracks

9. Rust spots, salt water accelerates rust

10. License plate and tag

Do a little preventive maintenance and save yourself some major headaches.
Re: Don't ruin your fishing trip before reaching your-destinati
Thanks man!!
Re: Boat trailer fix up before a trip was ruined!
Awesome reminder! I need to do that immediately myself. I put it off but not anymore. Thanks!
Re: Boat trailer fix up before a trip was ruined!
After I saw this, I checked my 2002 trailer while on vacation. One spring had a half leaf and they were in bad shape. The spring seat hole on the axle was also cracked from the years of salt water. I had to call Majic Tilt and they made me a new axle and springs to fit the trailer because it was not a normal size like today’s trailers. Thanks for the article.