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More Trout This Week

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I helped out Capt Miller with a bachelor party group. We were greeted with slick calm seas and pulled up to trout busting shrimp on the surface. It was fish on as we had the big specks coming in two at a time on our double rigged Matrix Shad. Fast and furious bite as we boxed 80 fish before 8 am. The bite slowed a little and we picked away to 100 by 8:45. With no wind and it hot as hell my crew decided to roll to the dock, as some of them had not slept from the day before!!! Great time with these guys, thanks Capt T for setting up the trip.

Day one with Wesley, Kelley Carambat and kids. We had high hopes of the trout bite continuing like yesterday! We had a slight chop this morning but it wasn't bad at all. We got on a lil run of ten fish as soon as we pulled up, and thought it was going to be on! Well, it wasn't. We moved around just picking for a couple hours until we got run in from storms. We hit the shallows and broke out the spinner baits and spoons. We added four reds before the sky turned black and lighting started, so we rolled to the lodge for noonish. Great time as always with this crew. Big thanks to Capt T Miller for running the second boat and to Capt J Broussard for running Art Costly's crew.

Day two with the Carambat's had us trout fishing again. We found another slow bite at our first stop. We picked away at some decent fish until the bite played out. We made a move finding a few more fish before we made a move to fish for bull reds before coming in. We hooked one big nasty drum and one big bull red that the girls had a blast reeling In. A fun two days with this family again. Thanks to Capt T Miller for running the second boat and to Capt K Labat for taking out Art Costly's crew.

Gaiennie Lumber was back with us again. I decided to change things up and start somewhere else, well the fish didn't bite. We made several moves just catching a few fish at each stop. We finally got on one little run of fish then it was back to lock jaw. The guys called it a day at 11 and we headed in. Big thanks to Capt T Miller and Capt K Labat for running the other two boats with Gaiennie and Capt C Lombard and Capt C Dupre for running my Sparrows crew for the Fourchon Oilmans.

Steven and Monica Borel were back on the big Bluewave with me again. We headed out for trout and found bumpy seas and a slow bite. One of my crew got sea sick, so we headed into the marsh to fish for reds and green trout. We put a good mix together before they called it quits due to the heat. Always a fun time fishing with these two. Big thanks to Capt C Lombard and Capt K Labat for running the two boats with my Sparrows crew.

Capt Marty LaCoste

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