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Food Plot with Iron Clay Peas

Here is one of my food plots where I planted Iron Clay Peas back in Mid-May. The deer pretty much left it along until around July 4th. At that time something changed and they started hitting the peas hard. Within a few days all the peas in this small half acre food plot was whipped out. Deer day and night eating until most all the peas were gone. Even had a Doe bring out her little fawn to get in on the action.
Re: Food Plot with Iron Clay Peas
Hey LETUMGROW, that's been my experience also with three small plots about the same as yours. They let the peas get to about 18' tall then totally wipe them out over the course of about ten days.

In your July pictures it looks as though there's a lot of Yellow Foxtail taking over the plot. You should spray that stuff before it goes to seed.