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Tough Day @ Delacroix

Tough day at Delacroix yesterday. Launched out of Sweetwater and headed toward Black Bay. High tide around noon, but water was still quite stained. Within an hour, water was moving out, full of moss and pretty dirty. Caught one bull red but couldn't keep the Gulp from the Gaftops. Water salinity tasted like 10 ppm, about like the potable water in Leeville. Only caught two trout which wouldn't reach 10 in. Caught a record Gaftop (smallest I've ever caught) on a 1/8 in jig & Matrix Shad (see pic). Bait was everywhere so I figured it was just a bad moon. That's why they call it fishing!!!
Re: Tough Day @ Delacroix
I too had a tough day,but was fishing good ole Lake P and she has been giving up a few reds each trip,though not a one caught fishing the fine shorelines with Top Dogs,spinner baits,gold spoons!!!Had excellent tidal movement but water no where near pristine,guess we need an easterly component to clear up predominantly westerly winds and mucking up of what had been gin-clear water.Buddy of mine and I commented last week that we need to tag along snorkels and fins and goggles and try some spear-fishing.We did see dive boat stationed under Big Bridge and saw two divers in water not too far from where boat was stationed up!!Like ya said,fishing not catching/shopping!!!