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At capacity: Humminbird GPS

Capt Paul,

I operate a 2013 Humminbird 998c SI combo primarily in the waters around Venice, Grand Isle, and the Ponchartrain Basin. Recently I’ve noticed that my waypoints are saving but my tracks are starting to disappear from one trip to the next. I believe I’m at memory capacity.

My question:

What is the best chip/card to add in order to bolt on more memory capacity and updated maps for my primary fishing grounds.

Thanks in advance for your input!!
Tracks and waypoints are initially saved to your unit and not to the card. You can export them to a card to save space. You can also set it not to record every trip track as eventually it will start causing the unit to slow down in general.

Make sure that you are setting tracks to record and that they are set to display = on if you want to see them.

You won't be able to add additional storage space with a card. You can only export off your graph to the card. Also be sure to only use 1 card for the map only. Use a separate card for saving your waypoints and tracks.