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Another Week on the Du

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I helped out Capt T Miller with a bachelor party group. We had calm winds so we headed out for trout. We found a slow start, but after a couple moves we got on a good bite. Everyone was reeling in trout on our double rigged Matrix Shad until the dolphins showed up and busted up the party. We moved around not finding another bite until a hour later returning to the only place we caught. With the sky turning black, temperature dropping 20 degrees, wind blowing, and a blanket of rain was time to put the throttle down!!

Day two with the bachelor party group found us red fishing in the shallows. Bait shrimp under a Fourhorsemen Cork is what the reds wanted as they would not touch a artificial bait today. The guys had a blast battling the reds. Great two days with these guys, thanks T Miller for setting it up.

Inolect crew was back with us today on the #bluewaveboats. We spent a great evening at the lodge and enjoyed Chef Shawn P's cooking. We headed out for trout and found the winds higher then expected (go figure). Dirty water, no tide, and a good chop, but my crew still were able to put 21 specks on ice before we switched to plan B. We moved into the marsh and only added a few reds covering a lot of prime area. With no tide they just wouldn't bite. Great day with these guys laughing and cutting up all day. Big thanks to Capt T Miller and K Labat for running the other two boats.

Day two with Inolect had us red fishing. Our first stop found a couple bull reds, then the rain hit us. We moved to another area finding a flounder and four slot reds fishing shrimp under a cork. We found a hole and dropped crabs down and got our last three bulls right over 27 inches. We made several other moves only finding one more red. No tide again today, but another great day with my crew on the Bluewave. Big thanks to Lonnie Barr with Inolect for the friendship and continued business over the last eleven years. Thanks to Capt T Miller and Capt K Labat for taking care of the other two boats and thanks to Chef Shawn P Whitney for doing his thing cooking up all that great food for us.

I had the pleasure to fish with the Black family today from Arkansas. We started the day off catching some bull reds and a couple tourney reds over 8 pounds right under 27 inches. It was a slow bite so we moved looking for a better bite. We added three more reds to the K2Cooler. With 7 taking a ice bath I decided to move zip codes. It turned out being the right move as we found a school of reds and my crew made quick work adding another 7 quick. #15 took another thirty minutes to get but my crew successfully put their limit in the boat before the sky fell and we ran in. Bait crabs Carolina rigged and bait shrimp under corks caught the majority of fish, one fell victim to a gold spoon. Thanks again for a very enjoyable day, I look forward to your return in December.

Capt Marty LaCoste

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