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Sight Casting Reds 8 8 18

Was hoping for a repeat of yesterday's trip where I sight-casted four nice reds but dat was not de case.Took buddy of mine from Abita KC's and we got a much earlier start,launching at Cane around 6:15,hitting our first spot around 6:45 with nada to show,tossed Bomber spinner bait near entrance of nice trenasse and had decent bass inhale lure but not get hooked and we tried same general area where just yesterday I sight-casted to 4 reds.Made executive decision to hit Big Bridge,started chunking at 4 mile turnaround,had tiny croaker and lady fish to show for our efforts and we made our way back to general area outside Cane Bayou and finally spotted nice red,tossed Bomber spinner bait to red,he swiped at lure,missed it and I casted it to right on top of his nose and he nabbed it,nice 18 inch specimen.We had basically identical conditions that I had yesterday,not sure where the reds went but no big deal,will be in Arkansas on vacation til next week,chasing rainbow trout and smallmouth bass and maybe when I get back,water conditions and fish will be prime.We did see plenty of huge crabs and I might just have to start tagging along some crab nets to supplement the reds I hope to emerge with!!