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A few days of redfishing

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With the summer closing in and the trout bite being spotty all summer I spent the last few days redfishing. Friday I helped out Capt. Marty with his anonymous crew. I had a family with 3 of the 4 never casting a Spinning reel before so I had my work cut out. I tried to teach them how to cast but it turned into me baiting and casting for them so they could be in the Redfish zone. Even with no experience they pulled off a great catch. They didn’t want any pics on the internet so I just snapped a dock shot. Saturday Randall Livingston had a crew down for 2 days. Winds were up so we hit the reds hard using shrimp under a cork the first day. They had such a good time with the reds even with the low winds on Sunday they wanted to chase reds again. Both days had similar results.

Capt. Travis Miller