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Wifey and I thoroughly enjoying de last days of our annual Ozarks vacation and we slept in as rain was pelting our rustic cabin and we had leisurely breakfast,made our way to Flippin,AR(home of Ranger boat factory-these folks make some incredibly durable and fine boats,both fresh and salt water versions)and had lunch in very cozy diner,hit the obligatory Wal-Mart and made our way to the Ranger boat factory for a complimentary 1;30 pm tour of their very fine boat-building facility-think they employ almost 1100 folks!!It was just Wifey and I and our tour guide and these folks really make some ridiculously sound boats and the tour guide and I joked about whose bayboat was better,those made by Skeeter or Ranger and from what I saw(I know quite a bit about boat-building both from constructing a wooden boat and from restoring an antique Manatee tri-hull)those Rangers are perhaps the best on the planet and their price certainly reflects dat!!!After our tour,we made our way to Cotter,well-known as a rainbow haven and I watched a few locals basically put on a clinic,right at the boat launch,on nabbing some fine and fat White River rainbows.I was given a nice rainbow by a gent,fishing with his grand daughter,and I finally nabbed two using white PowerBaits and between Wifey and I,we managed to emerge with ten fine rainbows,released at least 6 and had an absolute blast.After catching two,I switched over to crawfish crankbait(that White River has some monster crawfish with lobster-sized claws)and it took no time to catch two more,while Wifey used white PowerBait to nab her 5.I let at least 6 go and it was a charge watching those rainbows fight over dat chartreuse crawfish crankbait,gonna head back tomorrow for hopefully ten more,then back to Luziana!!Thinking about buying small parcel of land up in these here Ozarks and if I wins de Lottery,might get me Ranger BayBoat!!!