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3 days of Trout/reds

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John Bays’ crew were down Tuesday and with calm conditions we took advantage and put a good lick on the trout with double rigged Matrix.

Teddy was back Friday with a crew of 6. Leonard Adkins boiled up some seafood for dinner and after a good night sleep the guys woke up to storms. After deciding to cancel Teddy called me an hour later and said they wanted to go since the storms were breaking up. With a late start we headed south for trout. One of my crew got sick so before long we had to head north and redfish. The guys put some fish on ice before the sky fell on us. With a wet ass we took it to the dock. Thanks Capt. Marty for running the second boat.

Gary Sibille was back this morning with his son and friends. We stuck to redfishing knowing that it was only a matter of time before the storms would get us. The first hour was slow with no tide but once it started the reds started to bite. The guys added some bonus puppy drum and heads before we got ran in by the storms.

Capt. Travis Miller