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need a new GPS what do you suggest?

I had a garmin 276map. It worked for several years, great until it got wet and was unrepairable! I purchased a garmin montana 610. I find it very cumbersome, the screen too small to really use easily and difficult to manipulate etc, It was a $600 gps. Can you suggest a larger unit that would be easier to use and have a larger better display. I am familiar with garmin basemap etc. I am not a computer whiz so ease of use is a serious factor in my future purchases. I noticed several chart plotters/gps on sale at

Can you please suggest a model that would fit my needs? Please email me privately.


Paul Yakupzack
Houma, LA
what is your budget and how big of a screen do u want. The best setup would be the Lowrance hds series with a Louisiana card but it comes with a premium price.
I personally have used many brands while I was a navigator in the Navy. After I got out I did a bunch of shopping around and price comparing and feature comparisons. I decided to buy a SIMRAD GO7. with the total scan transducer. There are other models, but this one fit the dash of my 19' cc boat and is the perfect size for what I need. It's an all in one unit that can scan, depth, fish find, radar (if additional unit is purchased) engine monitoring, great chart plotting and tons of waypoint options. I think I paid around $700 about 3 years ago, on sale at West Marine. The resolution and touch screen are great and being able to add features works nicely. I also purchased a map card, because the stock maps are not up to date at all. I have the Standard Mapping E-card, Premium, and it works flawlessly with this unit. Good luck and tight lines!!!

Garmin has a very nice, simple yet powerful unit. 640 Map If still available, likely there is a new model but with same capabilities. Accepts SD card for updates or your own GPS data (WPs, trails, routes). Works well with Garmin’s Homeport app for PC. Very easy to use.

I have units from the big 3: Lowrance, Humminbird, and Garmin. IMO Lowrwance has best sonar and moderately user friendly. Humminbird least user friendly, moderate GPS/Sonar. Garmin GPS by far is easiet to use and has best mapping.
I not only fish but train people in open water search & rescue. We put this technology to the test so I have pretty good experience with standalone GPS and combo GPS/sonar units.
they are all very good units. They are getting more and more expensive because they are packing more and more features in them.. (wireless, video inputs, etc).

Just depends on your fishing area and style. IMO Humminbird side imaging in shallow water was much better than lowrance. 2d sonar on both were pretty similiar and that usually depends on how well the install of the transducer is. I really had no issues with hummindbird for the couple years I owned one. I just choose lowrance because of more mapping options for satellite overlay for the marshes and bayous of South LA. Humminbird does have satellite overlay maps but those cards at that time were 300 compared to 200 that I paid for the lowrance card. I have seen problems with lowrance though getting water in them and power issues (unit randomly restarting). However lowrance did me good on the return of that unit. Another thing about lowrance the 'hook' series seems like a great value, but the original series struggles to run some of these maps cards and navigating around had some slight delays.

Always include the price of the mapping cards onto the unit price and that may help your decision. Either one you choose they are all good. Just make sure the install is spot on for the transducer. Especially if you do the in hull for the 2d sonar.