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Lady P Trip 8 25 18

Been wanting to get BayouBob on some sight-fishing redfish and hit some of my favorite grassy shorelines this past Saturday in search of some fine reds.Started our trip in one of my bass magnets,only thing was we only emerged with two bass and chatted with a regular who has been scooping plenty of nice soft and hardshell Lake P crabs(hint,hint)!!Made our way to about exactly where I have been getting quite a rush watching reds emerge from shallow grassbeds,chasing down Bomber Spinner Bait with nice soft plastic threaded onto small jig head lure came with.Did nab a feisty,though small bass and tossed him on ice,made our way to Big Bridge for all of about twenty minutes of frustration,made our way back near mouth of Cane Bayou and musta made a lucky cast as folks with Canoe and Trail on yak trip saw me nab fine 21 inch red and dat was all she wrote for our Sat trip.Got word from a buddy that he and his fishing party busted up specks and white trout,all tight-lining soft plastics,my absolute favorite way to catch specks(Bomber for reds is quite the rush)!!!Going tomorrow and possibly Tues hoping for repeat of trips a few weeks ago where reds much more prevalent.The water is extremely clear and tagging along 6 nice single-ring crab nets,hoping to catch nice mess of extremely fat Lake P crabs while tossing spinner baits to reds!!