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Lady P Trip 8 27 18

Had some decent time on my hands,scoped out predicted tidal conditions and wind speed and direction and launched outta Cane,again not the first angler at launch and chatted with older fellow and his wife in small flat with trolling motor only as their means of propulsion and for anyone not familiar with the clogged first section of Cane,it can be a nightmare getting through the thick salvinia that is about the consistency of oatmeal,mixed with plenty of chopped-up vegetaion,roots,etc.Joked with them about following in de wake of my Southfork with 50 Johnson chopping away at dense salvinia and vegetation!!!Made my way to protected cove,emerged with two decent bass,missed good one and saw ton of not only extremely healthy gators but huge alligator gars!!Had 6 single-ring crab nets and tossed them,baited with chicken wings,in deeper water and tossed and tossed Bomber spinner bait,emerging with three nice reds,sight-casted to one and the other two attacked lure with plenty of gusto!!!Did spook very nice red or my take mighta been 4 and saw at least 4 stingrays,great sign and they and decent reds feed in exactly same areas and did spot fine alligator and had huge alligator gar take half-hearted swipe(thankfully)at Bomber and this beast no doubt woulda been quite the challenge to fight and not lose extremely effective spinner bait!!Crabbing was a bust and I did see excellent signs for future trips and I make tons of mental notes and have found a decent pattern for sight-casting to feisty and no-need-to measure reds.All three made the 16 inch mark quite easily and I no longer measure reds til after putting em on ice(have excellent visual measuring skills)and most of the reds I have been nabbing have exceeded 16 inches by a minimum of 2-5 inches!!!Headed back tomorrow,hope to nab a few and made my way to Sportsman's in Slidell for some soft plastics and jig heads to attach to Bomber.