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Sandy Hollow WMA Dove Review

I would like to share some expectations of the Sandy Hollow dove Youth Hunt, not many reviews so here we go. Me and my son hunt nothing but WMA’s so he brought a friend and we started out at 5:30am, The hunt doesn’t start till 12 o’clock but we were prepared for the crowds. We got there early and there was about 20 people already there. We hunted the Atherton Field, As we started to walk in the field we seen hundreds of doves in the first field close to the parking area. We got set up in the first field and it ended up being a mistake, we saw hundreds of doves before the shooting started. I set the dove Mojoes Up and doves were landing in them repeat before the shooting started. The crowd wasn’t bad they probably had about 30 to 40 people there. At 12 o’clock the shooting started and this is what I learned; all the doves move to the back field, we were seeing hundreds but nothing after the shooting started. About 2 o’clock the doves changed corse, the only problem they were a a mile high. We ended shooting a nice mess of dove but we shot over 200 shells for the small reward. There ended up being a lot of doves to shoot at but you better have a lot of shells due to the limitations of the steel shot. Also the Mojoes did not work after the shooting started the doves flared we had to turn them off. Guns of choice were our Stoeger M3500 with #7 low brass steel shot, not one malfunction with our automatics, I can consider this to be the most affordable all around 2 3/4 -3.5 gun.

Recommendations to hunt this field: Get their early only to get a good spot on the back field. Stay close overseeing a tree line. We brought a cart, you will need chairs and ice chest with plenty of drinks. Trust me you will need 100 shells per person or expensive high brass to reach the doves. we ran out at prime time and not sure if my shoulder can take much more. Any age youth will have a great time shooting all they want at the dove and practice in their shots .

Sandy Hollow is definitely worth the trip for the youth hunt. Invite a youth get on the best field and you can shoot with them. It a lot of fun and this will become an annual event. The field is nicely planted with dove treats and prepared.
Thanks for the report. I always wondered how the youth hunt went but never had a kid to take. I will pass it on to my friends.

Also, the info on the Mojo was about what I figured. Same with geese and ducks. I got some of those thingamajigs or whatever they are called. Want to try them.

Went back the following weekend on 9/8/18, the field was closed all week. Not sure what affected the birds but we only observed about 50 doves. We were able to take 12 doves but we prepared ourselves with high brass #6 and full chokes for long range shooting. All the birds were fly overs and once they entered the field it was like anti aircraft fire, not many birds had a chance. It was still a good time and lots of fun shooting. Make sure you are 100% legal, the wild life and fish officers are their to support the effort's and work hard to make sure no issues occur. A few things that you may want to check: Shot gun plug, steel shot less than #6, HIP stamp / small game, WMA card and correct species of birds.
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