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Down In Dularge

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Charles Allo was back on the big #bluewaveboats today with one of his good friends. We found a slow steady bite this morning on our double rigged #matrixshad. We stayed patient as we could and picked away between the trash fish. Once the bite went non existent we started moving and found a non existent bite at our next six stops except for a school of bull reds that surfaced next to the boat. Our final stop before heading in found a handful more of trout making it in for a ice bath in the #k2cooler and another handful that fell back into the water to live longer!!! Great time with these guys.

First day in the new 2019 Bluewave Purebay breaking in the engine and doing some scouting for trout. My good friend Doug Benoit from back in high school joined me. It was a great day catching up on old times. We covered some water and finally found a slow steady bite at our last stop. We kept enough fish for a good fresh fish fry!

Looks like the new #bluewaveboats is a catching machine also!! We left the reds biting to put more hours on the engine and found some trout feeding before we headed in. It was great catching up with my good friend Brad Chauvin, and our boys joined us too.
Fresh shrimp under a #fourhorsemencork for the reds and shrimp Creole or holy joely #matrixshad under the corks for the specks.

Dr Deep Chadha and his buddy joined me on the new #Bluewaveboats 2400 Purebay today for a Redfish Slam. Good time catching our limit of reds today in the shallows.

Great having Art Whitmer and his Texas crew back onboard. We had a great day smashing the golden beauties in the shallows, putting our limit on ice. Bait shrimp under the #fourhorsemencorks got the job done once again.

Capt Marty LaCoste

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