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Captain Bob Leeville Report

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

Trout bite is still on at the Islands. The 86 degree water temp is still holding a few Sharks and Catfish especially when the tide slacks. If you exercise patience and wait on the tide to move, catching is on. Because the tide always moves during New Moon, I plan filming then and this past New Moon proved its worth again.

It was the hot, middle of the day, no tide or wind blown current at Philo. I had my boat umbrella deployed, loving the shade as other restless Anglers were running around. I stared trolling 1 oz. Black and chrome rattle traps just to get a breeze going. I found the Bull Reds in the East cove and anchored. Blue and chrome she dog prevoked massive hits but it was too hot to battle the brutes and the the boats that were working the northeast point sand bars had left.

I anchored there and positioned the Pathfinder so I could cast to the three fingers of the bars. My cameraman and I ate lunch, patiently waiting for the falling tide to start. When it gained speed, the undesirables backed off and the Trout started to feed, attacking top water, even in the hot blazing sun! Tide works wonders in warm Summer water. Moving water is also usually cooler.

This whole experience was filmed and can be found in Episode 1540 of Between the Banks. It is up on my YouTube channel and will start airing on the TV venues daily Saturday.

I still have not gone further than Philo this year to catch big Trout. Gulf green, bait filled, nervous, moving water and irregular features like points and sand bars are reasons why. I must add New Moon.

Need help fishing Leeville or Lafourche, check out BTB for details and info or the fishing line at 504.458.9451. In the meantime good luck fishing... Cpt Bob