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September Reds Continue

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Helped out Capt R Dupont with the BUM's fishing crew again. We headed out with storms all around us. With seven on ice, the sky was turning black. We headed for shelter, but the rain never came. We ran back to where we were and then the sky fell on us. We waited it out and put another five on ice before making one last stop. All it took was a drift down one short bank and into a cut and we had our 20 in the rain. Horrible weather didn't stop my crew from getting it done. Bait shrimp under the #fourhorsemencorks got it done. Thanks Capt RD for setting up the trip.

I had three generations of Braden's on the boat. Chad Braden brought his dad and 7 yr old son with him. Little man had a blast right out the gate reeling in four reds quickly. I thought it was going to be quick and easy, but the reds threw us a loop. We found pristine crystal clear water and was able to sight cast to over 13 reds which only three took our shrimp and not one would hit my green Hornet on a spinner bait. We kept pounding the banks until #15 hit the ice. Great day with these guys making memories.

There is signs of shrimp starting to show up, but the specks just aren't thick yet. Hopefully in 1-2 more weeks we start seeing Silver again!!

Capt Marty LaCoste

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