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Full Week of Redfish Bashing

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Day one with Elliot Electric crew from Arkansas was a huge success. We hit the shallow marsh soaking bait shrimp under the #fourhorsemencorks catching our limits of reds. Big thanks to Capt T Miller and K Labat for running the two other boats putting the other crews on a Redfish Slam also.

Day two with Elliot Electric had us looking for trout first thing in the morning. We found a couple hundred trout, but all were eleven inches except for a handful. The guys had fun reeling them in every cast for a good hour. At 10 am we switched gears to reds so we could fill up the box. We hit the shallows again catching their limit before the heat almost killed us!! Capt T Miller got on a good school of keeper trout and hit a few reds. Capt K labat also found a few keeper trout and got on a good red bite. The guys headed back to Arkansas loaded down with fillets. It was great fishing with these guys again and I look forward to our next trip.

I helped out Capt K Labat today with a group from Texas. We went straight into the shallows and commenced to beating up them
Reds once again. Shrimp under a #fourhorsemencork put our limit of reds in the box again, and we were done before the heat machine got too bad. Thanks Capt Labat for setting up the trip.

I had Charlie Davis and his family onboard the big Bluewave today and boy did they experience a Redfish SMACKDOWN. Charlie won a trip through the Louisiana Charter Boat Association and chose to come and fish with me. I decided to switch things up and fish crabs instead of shrimp. Well the reds were stacked up and it didn't take my crew long to fill the big 120 K2Cooler to the top with our limit. It was a fun filled quick action morning and we beat the heat and the rain. Big thanks to the guys at LCBA for making this happen, it was a great time fishing with this family.

Johnny Robbins and his crew from Virginia joined me onboard the Big Bluewave today. We went back to where we smacked the reds yesterday to find a empty hole! We waited out the bite patiently and zero fish. We hit one other hole before making a move back to the shallows where I've been catching every other day. The reds didn't disappoint as we filled up the cooler again with shrimp under the #fourhoresemencorks. The guys finished off strong catching the last ten fish in one cut on Power pole. Great group and fun to fish with, thanks to Capt K Labat for setting up the trip.

Capt Marty LaCoste

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