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Remember when the classifieds were a great place to find a used gun or four wheeler?.?

Now there’s weed and pills and every car dealer and real estate agent within 5000 miles........

I miss the good ole’ days

At least we can mark spam classified as such so sooner or later it goes away.

However, 'The Bayou Junkies Nation ' bumps two year old posts or replys to posts with no meaningful content just to spam the forums to clickbait drive us to their YouTube channel. Like 8 times last night they did it. The forums don't have a report spam option. So I got to waste time by not seeing anytime new content.

I guess with your valid comment about the junk classifieds, and now the resurrected old post with no valued added, we should lessen our expections from this site.
I don't understand why Bayou Junkies Nation has not been banned from this site. No other forum puts up with such stuff.