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9/30/2018 Morning bass fun again.

Managed to get out of bed and luckily no rain. Limit of 10 bass by 8:30AM. All but one on white spinnerbait.

White skirt, White Sparkle willow, silver Colorado. Made myself. Haven't used a gold blade in a few years now. Other on Senko.

Surprisingly they were not stacked at the slough but instead were about 30 t0 75 yards before it on the edge of grass. Burn the SP about 2' below surface to make it wake just a bit is how i always fish it. Always try to cast parallel to whatever I am casting down that way it works the entire length of the bank/structure. Pause the reel every few moments of time to make the blade briefly change. Don't let the lure sink, just a quick pause. Usually triggers the strike. I always use a trailer hook with a piece of rubber surgical tubing so the trailer is free to move up and down the hook.
Re: 9/30/2018 Morning bass fun again.
How much do you charge for a guided fishing trip?... lol

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