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Easy Limits of Reds Everyday!!

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Helped out Capt Lloyd today with a crew from Iowa and Kentucky. We had three boats running. The guys with me had never red-fished before, well that changed today. The guys busted up bigger reds on crabs and slot reds in the shallows under #fourhorsemen corks. They had the time of their lives reeling them in, good as it gets today with some trout showing up too. The specks are finally starting to show their presence in the lakes. All of our specks hit be #matrixshad #shrimpcreole under the corks. Thanks Capt L Landry for setting the trip up.

Helped out Capt Lloyd Landry again today with the Iowa/Kentucky guys. The guys busted up the reds catching their limit again today on shrimp under the #fourhorsemencorks in the pumpkin patch. Good as it gets again, what a awesome two days with these guys. Big thanks to Capt Lloyd for setting up the trip.
Big thanks to Capt Shawn p Whitney for taking care of Fletcher Lindsey and son for me.

Edwin Duet, and Kendall Authement joined me on the #bluewaveboats today in the pumpkin patch. Continued easy daily limits of reds under the #fourhorsemen corks. Great time with these guys.

Capt Marty LaCoste
Re: Easy Limits of Reds Everyday!!
Wish I could find this magic pumpkin patch.

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