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Visiting Louisiana

Hello everybody,

I am a wildland fire fighter from Thunder Bay, Canada and will be visiting your neck of the woods in a week. Ill be down for two weeks splitting my time between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Obviously I am a huge outdoorsman, I hunt, trap, and fish for anything that swims. While Im down there I would love to get out to do some fishing or hunting if possible, but dont know anyone or anything about that part of the country! If anyone has some basic tips or could point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated.

I dont have much of a plan while Im down, besides going to a concert and heading to the LSU v Alabama game (very excited for that) so if anyone wants to go fishing the beers are on me!

If I had a boat I'd take you up on that, man I miss Molson Canadians! Your best bet may be to look up hog hunts close to the areas you'll be in. They are always in season and hunts can be relatively cheep. Same goes for fishing, although a fishing charter will run quite a bit of cash. Good luck.
Depends on if you are a Bama fan or Tiger fan. LOL.....