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Delacroix Duck Hunting Looking Real Good

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Duck season is finally here in Delacroix. All of the anticipation finally ends this weekend as we kick off the coastal zone opener. I had a chance to get an early jump on the hunting with the youth weekend. It was a sign of good things to come as my youth hunters got their limit. The morning started off way better than I thought with a group of pintails trying to come into the decoys before shooting light. Once it was shooting time, the blue wing teal started to buzz. My youth hunters shot a bunch. It won’t be long before they really get a feel for it and are knocking down birds on a regular basis.

I called in a group of grey ducks, but the hunters missed. We even had some black-bellied whistling ducks come in, but once again the hunters missed lol! We have plenty of feed left in our ponds I am very excited to be blessed by another year without any hurricanes.

It’s been a long week of dressing blinds and scouting. The thunderstorms haven’t made it any easier but we are just about prepped and ready for the weekend. I am booked up for opening weekend but I do have spots open for first split.

Hunting with me is as about a comfortable experience as you can get. I have my boat set up for everyone to hunt out of. You sit comfortably in the boat as we pick the best spot to hunt. My dog Ella retrieves all the ducks and I do all the work! All you have to do is show up with your gun and your shells and I will take care of the rest! If you want to hunt Delacroix this season, give me a call. We also do Louisiana blast and cast trips.

If you would like to book a hunt or schedule a fishing trip you can contact me, Capt. Jimmy Corley by phone at (504) 258-4431 or by email at Also you can check out our website at Don’t forget we have lodging available if needed. WATERFOWL SPECIALIST GUIDE SERVICE SHOOTS DUCKS AND CATCHES FISH GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!