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fishing advice needed!

I’m wondering what most people go by for finding that great fishing day. I generally try to go on days where tide movement is significant, but I see this other site saying wednsday at chef pass will be a 9 out of 10 but I’m not seeing much tide movement on that day there.

Input anyone?
Go when you can's too short to wait for the tide....
Bullcoon got it right!

My wife goes with me a lot, but it's usually a low wind, warm, water moving kind of day. We catch a good bit of fish and we have a great time. But, like Wednesday and yesterday, i was determined by the end of the week to get my limit of specs and reds. Wednesday, cold, drizzling and extremely windy, got my specs. Yesterday, cold and foggy starting out, got my reds. I like the challenge.

Here's what i look for. Water movement either by tide or because of wind, but i'll go anytime anywhere as long as winds are under 20mph and rain is under 50%. I don't always try to limit out but i usually catch something to bring home. Since their are so many fish around and so many places to go, their are always options.

Im no expert or guide, just a guy who loves fishing and learning and trying new things all the time. I go by myself a lot, just to see what i can do. Good luck!!
The only way to know is Go! Go! Go! A bad day of fishing is better than not going fishing at all.
I definitely check predicted tidal movement and wind speed and direction,critical for me as I fish outta 16 by 52 Commercial Southfork and gotta plan accordingly.I tend to not chase fishing reports but rely on a few close friends that share information and once word gets out about a particular spot,ya better have mid-week trips plans as it gets way crowded!!Good luck and hope ya find some fish!!!