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Sweetwater Marina

Once again, some great fishing down here in Delacroix! Captain Jack went out on a charter, again, today! He took out Mrs. Shannon & Mrs. Melinda. They had a blast reeling in the reds. They went fishing from spot to spot from around 8am till 11am. It took a bit for the fish to start biting. When they hit their third spot, the reds were on fire! However, Captain Jack told them some good advice...”it wasn’t the was just when the fish decided they were going to bite.” To prove himself and betting the two gals..they went back to their original spot, and the fish were biting! His theory proved correct. Obviously, we aren’t surprised. Captain Jack knows what he is doing, when it comes to fishing!

We’ve heard some crazy news today. A customer came in and said it looked like they were taking out the center portion of the Twin pipeline (dredging) with heavy equipment. He said the water was muddy all around there. We haven’t heard that from anyone else. Captain Jack has not been fishing that way, so we don’t know how true this is.

Captain Jack wants to say “what a shame..all this fresh water coming through the Mardi Gras pass. The river is 12.2 ft tall. It has been coming through all summer long and now all fall. It’s just destroying the saltwater estuary. It is destroying all fishing in Delacroix. The real sad thing is it is destroying trout populations! Not only trout..Crabbers are suffering, fisherman are suffering and shrimpers are suffering. Someone put an end to this! It’s so sad riding down Oak river..marsh that used to be 4-5 ft 1.5ft tall with little yellow flowers growing on vines(sure there is a name for it..that we don’t know) smothering the life out of our Marsh because of all this fresh water. This will only result in major coastal erosion problems in the very near future! We need to use the marsh land we have left to create new marsh...take sediment from the river, pumping it through pipelines up to the existing marsh that is left and rebuild from there...Instead of wiping what we have left now off the face of the earth..and then trying to create new land with sediment from the river from these new diversion projects..which will take years upon children and yours will not see this land built..I guess I’m just venting. It’s just truly sad. It doesn’t matter what any of us say..the government is going to do what they want to do. It just sucks that us sportsman’s that enjoy our great outdoors and/or make a living off of it..just have to watch it go away so’s scary! I hate writing things like this. I just hope someone reads it that can do something about it and helps us out..we matter too!”

We have some bad news for our customers. Our shrimp supplier skipped out on us today. That being said..we will have limited live shrimp tomorrow. We advise you to stop and pick some up on the way. We tried buying some shrimp from places around, and they all said they have limited live shrimp for themselves. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of our customers. We try our very best to have it all for you guys, but not everyone is 100 percent 100 percent of the time. We are still trying to get in contact with our shrimp man and hope to get some live shrimp sometime tomorrow. We do have SOME shrimp. We are going to try to be fair with everyone and spread the shrimp among our customers. When we run out, there is nothing we can do. We are very sorry.

One last tip:
As far as speckled trout, no large number can in today. I would advise you, if you are going trout fishing tomorrow, to try lake Amadee and Lake Robin areas.

Remember, can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina!

Picture is from Captain Jacks charter today!