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Thanksgiving Weekend Report

Date Hunted Friday 11/23/2018:

Tide was on the high side with decent winds and overcast skies, ok conditions for a duck hunt. Me and my buddy set up in our blind with 45 ish decoys and 2 spinners ready for hopeful action. We shot 3 dosgris and 1 motled duck for the day.

Date Hunted Saturday 11/24/2018:

Annoyed with the results the day before we made a move from our normal lease to another piece of property we have permission to hunt. It is probably 7 miles from our lease. A mini cool front passed the night before, NW winds about 10 mph and overcast, real nice day for a duck hunt. My sons friend came to meet us, three of hunted together. 3 dozen decoys and 2 spinners. We shot 10 teal and 1 motled duck.

Date Hunted Sunday 11/25/2018:

Overcast skies and wind shifted to NE about 10 MPH water the highest it was all weekend. Decided to go back to the regular lease so we could spread out to see if anything would change. One man in one blind and two in the other. Total for the day 6 dosgris - 1 motled - 1 grey duck.

Overall this was the worst Thanksgiving weekend hunting I have had in 35 years of memory. It is bad as far as the numbers of ducks in the sky, ducks taken and quality. As stated before we are having second split results in the first split where we normally do very well. I suppose many things have aligned this year with rain up the line, agriculture fields wet, loss of vegetation on our lease with the with the tropical depression and less ducks in the DU and Reynolds surveys. Not good!!

One more weekend to go and we will be at it again, I am not expecting results to change.

Picture from Saturday
Delta Duckman,I checked pics from last year and compared to this year,far fewer ducks and we do our best to not shoot scaup nor spoonies and so far I have not shot any spoonies or scaup and the greys might have started trickling in,based upon Sunday's hunt.Getting my Southfork back,hope she is rearing to go but there are some paddle-in spots where I hunt well worth the time and effort!!Good luck this last week end and I love mid-week hunts!!This year a greenhead and two fine mottled ducks and Woodie,teal,8 greys have been taken for the season,not stellar but the mottled ducks and the greenhead decoyed like fools!!

Bad on PAF as well...7 hunters killed 6 ducks in 3 days. 5 grey ducks and a teal. Decent amount of divers on four league bay tho