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Double Beam

I left my camp at 5:00 AM and dropped my daughter off at my box stand and continued to a lock on I have at the far back corner of a clear cut. I had no movement all morning and got a text from my daughter she was ready to go so I started to pack my gear and as I was lowering my back pack to the ground I heard a noise and looked up and this buck was running off through the clear cut. He had been bedded the whole time 25 yards in front of me and I didn't even know he was there. I dropped my pack and grabbed my rifle and followed him in the scope and when he slowed down I shot. He slumped over and turn broadside walking slow so I chambered another round and shot again. I had been watching this deer from a spike at 1.5 years old and this is the buck he turned into 3.5 years later. Let EM go and watch EM grow!!!
Re: Double Beam
Gobbler, that is awesome you have been able to keep up with this buck for 3 years! Goes to show a spike will not always be a spike! Hard to convince people of that until you have proof in which you do!
Congrats on a great looking buck and great job managing your herd.
Years ago I caught a 6 month old button buck in a hog trap and we tagged him, his first year he was a 3” spike, his second year he was a screwed up 6pt, his third year he was a fine typical 10pt with a 2” sticker on his right G2 and scored in the mid 130’s. I took him that year only because my neighbors on both sides of me had him on camera and was going to take him. I can only imagine what he could have turned out to be at 5 or 6 years old. Again Congrats