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Thanksgiving Week Duck Report

Friday Report 23rd: Boat 1, 2 Hunters, 9 Teal downed, 1 Cripple and 2 lost 6 picked up water levels high. Boat 2: 2 Hunters, 1 Teal, 2 Buffelhead, 1 Fulvous Whistler
Monday Report 26th: Boat 1, 2 Hunters 11 Teal, 1 Gray knocked down 10 picked up, Boat 2, 2 Hunters, 9 Teal, 1 Ring neck. NW wind kicking water levels dropping thru out the hunt, I believe the Sunday/Monday Front moved a few birds to the area
Couple of hunts in between by Life Long Friend produced similar results,2 Grays, 1 Female Red Head, 5 Teal

At 08:30 everything stops moving, hopefully we get a few more fronts to move fresh birds in, all in all good hunts with great friends