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2 Day Report

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It’s been a very inconsistent year for trout fishing but things seem to be coming around nicely. I just finished up 2 days with Mitch Chapman and buddies Israel and Tim. It was prefront the first day and post front the second day. Day 1 we had 69 degree water temps we started off on a slow bite but very solid sized trout. Many were 16-18inches. Chunking the Green Hornet and Glow Matrix Shad tight lined the trout were nailing the baits. As the morning went in we moved from 5ft water to 2ft water and that’s where the bite picked up. The guys slimed up the Bluewave and added some lagniappe reds and bass. Day 2 following the front we had high winds, cold temps, water temps dropped 5 degrees, a very low tide, and rising barometric pressure. I wasn’t sure if the trout would bite but we had to take a look. We found them in deeper water and got on a run and light switches off. Tried the shallow water with nothing going on so we headed back to deeper water until the sun was up. We finished off our day on a shallow flat.

Capt. Travis Miller

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