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Cast and Blast Time!!!!

Opening Day is THIS Saturday!!!
Our Second Split for the 2018/2019 Duck Season opens THIS Saturday and the birds are here waiting on us! We ended the first split last weekend with an absolute hunt of a lifetime on Sunday with limits in all blinds in under 45 minutes and absolute constant action with flocks of 10-30 Teal and Gadwall decoying the WHOLE hunt. We put an absolute TON of work in during the first split to keep our clients on good hunts but it definitely was a struggle with just not many birds, but they are HERE NOW! The last 3 days we've been out fishing and looking around for birds at the same time, and we haven't had to look far, they are exactly everywhere they should be and with PLENTY feed in the area they will definitely stick around a while. The second split is our BEST hunts of the year, please don't let anyone tell you its not, the birds just move a little further out, but theres no where near the pressure as early season, the birds are in higher numbers by far, and the quality is better! We hunt a lot of bigger open water grass flats during the second split with lower water conditions and its a lot more work for us but this is the time that we've made a lot of clients experience the greatest hunt of their lives! NOW is the time to come enjoy some truly world class waterfowl hunting with my guides and I who will always put in however much work is needed to ensure you a GREAT hunt!

Please check out our website at and BOOK YOUR TRIP OF A LIFETIME! Christmas Gift Certificates available! Call/text us at 5044274973 and be sure to stay updated daily on our Facebook page at 'Cast and Blast Charters'.