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Great trout bite

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The bite has been great prior to this last cold front and was teetering on that temp where the trout won’t bite yesterday. George Marretta and his buddies Billy and Mike were back. The warmest water I found was 55 degrees and that was at daybreak. The trout bite was good for the first hour or so but a lot of them were throwbacks. The trout preferred Shrimp Creole Matrix under a cork at those temps which was a first in weeks the trout favored a cork. We made a few moves thru the day fishing 2ft to 6ft of water and the trout grew as the day went on. The guys put together a nice mess of trout and added a handful of reds and heads as lagniappe. In areas where the water temp was 53 we switched over to a tight line with a slow retrieval and had more success. Tomorrow might be some tough fishing with winds between 20-30mph out the west which is our worst wind and may affect the water quality over the weekend but after a few days I’d like to think the bite will get back on track.

Capt. Travis Miller
Re: Great trout bite
Capt T,a few days back we were in one of the Mechant Honey Holes.You an Your crew came by You laughed an said i was just coming here an Y'all beat me too it ,LOL.Bossman, i'll try an leave you a few next time.We drained it of 50 nice ones.Green Hornet/Tsunami Golden Bunker on the bottom slow, slow!!