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Remembering Causeway Haul 6 17 07

Came home from Friday Mass at St.Jane de Chantal and noticed my dogs(younger son's and ours)had destroyed nice pic of fine Causeway haul from way back in 2007,believe it or not,and pieced pic back together and remember trip like it just happened yesterday.As I recall,my depthfinder was accidentally set on beep mode for fish ID and doggone thing was sounding like a Geiger counter and I stopped alongside particular Causeway span,tossed perhaps the single most effective soft plastic lure out there(Fin-S fish,dipped tails in Chartreuse Spike-It-need to go back to that venerable and incredibly effective lure)and started hauling in fine white trout,perhaps some close to 3 lbs(pic attached)and also hauled in some luker croakers and think the whites ran off specks and remember showing pic to a buddy and he thought the fish were largemouth bass,believe it or not!!!Here's hoping for more trips like this one and gotta believe that there should be some fine fish at the Big Bridge sometime soon and on all my duck trips out in Lake,always sample water and salinity way up there!!!Sight-casting reds not too far away,especially with miserable at best,duck season!!!