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Weekend Report

Date Hunted 12/29/2018:

Morning Hunt - Conditions could not have been much worse. We had very high tides for the hunt, threw out decoys with 40' strings and some floated away so had to round them up during the hunt. White caps in the pond had the decoys doing some bobbing and weaving. On the good side the ducks were on the move with the conditions, most I have seen in a while but could not get them close for shots. Ended up with 3 green winged teal and 5 coots.

Forgot to report about the afternoon hunt - Set up off of the regular lease and one good flight of whistling tree ducks came in. Shot two of them on the first pass and they came back and got another. My buddy's gun stopped working at the wrong time so it could have been better. Tree ducks are not real smart so if you get a chance to shoot them hit the duck call again they often come back.

Date Supposed to Hunt 12/30/2018:

Fog rolled in before 9:00 pm Saturday night and did not let up until 10:00 am this morning. No hunt today.

This weekend was tough, did not think it could get much worse but it did. Not ideal circumstances but we hunt on and happy to be able to be in the game.
Yeah that fog was bad this morning, we shot 3 ducks early and once that fog rolled in about 7 the hunt was over. Didn’t fire a shot the next two hours. That’s hunting.
Not only fog but no ducks did us in hunting the NShore Marsh and this has to be the most challenging of my 20 plus seasons of chasing ducks!!Have gotten some decent reports from a very few die-hards that have found isolated pockets of greys,teal,with a few mallards and my dilemma is my boat having firing issues at close to full-throttle and we have done our last few hunts de ole-fashioned way,paddling in.On Saturday,I made a monster 2.1 mile paddle(one-way)but did come back with fine hen grey,one of three that came in!Taking short break this Wed and be back at em Th,hope to have my flat by then as the mallards are localized to the most remote of all the ponds and paddling in not gonna happen,especially where these ducks have shown themselves the past 20 or so years of hunting the NShore.Gotta go to know and gotta know where to go is my motto!!!