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Sweetwater Marina

Sadly, this is our last post til next year...because... ☹️

Tomorrow is 2019!!!!! Goodbye,’ve been good..but we are hoping for a fish filled, SPECK-tabular 2019! 😂🤪

Happy New Years from Sweetwater & crew! Yesterday, Captain Jack took out his good friend Jonathon and his son! They had a great day, and they limited out on reds. Captain Jack says the amount of redfish in the marsh of Delacroix is crazy. Yesterday, the fog didn’t lift until around 2pm..which sucked! However, the fishing was still great. If you get an opportunity tomorrow, we did hear some speckled trout reports from the inside of Delacroix. On the Delacroix side of Bayou Terre aux Boeufs in Lake John, there are speckled trout. One group had 11 and another group had 33. The second group of 2 were fishing by Shell Lake. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is something. The group that had 33 trout said a few days prior they fished in Little Lake..and had 47 speckled trout. The water is beautiful, and it came up nicely. It is real clear, in most spots..clear enough to catch speckled trout. So, like we said...if you get an opportunity tomorrow, come on down..the water has cleared up and warmed up. I would try Fourhorse or Lake that the water has warmed and cleared should be pretty good fishing. Come give it a try. Again, happy New Years! We wish you all the best in 2019, and we hope to see you here at Sweetwater Marina! Pictures are from yesterday.

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