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Looking for Coyotes (Trappers/Sportsmen)


My name is Amy Shutt and I live here in Louisiana. I am the Louisiana coordinator for a North American Canine Ancestry Project led by Dr. Bridgett vonHoldt at Princeton. We are looking for information in regards to hybridization among America's wild canids as well as gene flow between coyotes and wolves over the last 1000 years. We are wondering if any trappers or hunters could help us out? Thank you!

We are now looking for Louisiana sportsmen trapping coyotes (or have carcasses) that are willing to donate a small, pea-sized tissue sample for genetic research. We need only basic information on the animals trapped and sampled (no personal information is gathered). We thank everyone for their help and cooperation!

This project is only possible through the generous efforts and sample donations from many people from various government agencies (e.g. USDA, DNR), various Trappers Associations, and numerous sportsmen and interested communities.

If any trappers would be interested to allow us some tissue samples please email me for more info! :)

? Louisiana Project Coordinator Amy Shutt

Please visit the project website at: