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19 point

I woke up late, got to the woods after daylight, and rode my fourwheeler through the woods to my stand. I had been watching videos on my phone about calling in a big buck, but was cut short when a lonely doe walked out into the trail. My first reaction was noticing she was looking behind her and so I knew then something was behind her. I put my 7mm-08 into the window and watched her walk off. So I waited 5 minutes to see if anything was coming and no there was nothing at 5 minutes. So I put my rifle down, picked my phone up, selected the video, and began to watch. At 6 minutes I looked back to the same trail only to see a massive amount of horns easing through the Palmettos. It took about half of a New York second to find the deer, put the crosshairs in the right place, and everything started to shake. I used the breathing technique I learned while in the Army to calm down and focus. The buck picked up her scent and was about to run, so I pulled the trigger. The buck ran out of sight so instead of waiting, I immediately got on the wheeler to go find the blood if there was any. Initially I went too far and did not find any blood, but as I backtracked a few yards behind my wheeler, I saw blood. After I changed my underwear, I was able to pull the 205 lb. horny buck onto my wheeler and take it to get it scored. The deer was scored at Simmons, TP Outdoors, and the Spotted Dog. It scored 172-182 and was killed on Dec. 2 2018 in Richland Parish around Rayville.

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