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Lake P trolling

Has anyone started trolling the causeway, Kenner power lines, Seabrook, or trestles this year yet? I usually start around the end of January throughout march I went to the causeway Sunday and picked up 3 all at 2 lbs on pink rattle traps, water was cleanish but figured water temp was still to cold.
Re: Lake P trolling
By no means I am a Causeway trolling expert,plenty folks on this site routinely drag Traps and MirroLures and the water temps need to be a tad higher,think around 55-56 degrees.Did experience epic trolling trip last year,think we ended up almost 30 big specks,mostly 2-3 lbs and our secret besides trolling in target-rich environment,was that we worked the trolling poles to the point where in my estimation,the specks attacked the lures for fear of missing out on a 'free' meal!!!Captain Andy Jones was our guide and I am sure he would love to get you aboard to witness some epic trolling adventures!!!