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Captain Bob Leeville Report,

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

The next time you come to Leeville you will be surprised. Here is proof.

It’s warming up!
Boudreaux’s has TV!
The Specks are going to bite!
Leeville Seafood restaurant has a new floor!
New Moon week!
Gail’s is open seven days a week!
Great tide swing!
Fishing Pier is concrete acceptable!
Pappy’s bar is gone!

The merchants in Leeville are ready for the fishing season as renovations and preparations everywhere are obvious especially at TYDS, Terry's, Ba ta bing, Marsh Masters, and yes even Boudreauxs.

Would you believe the old Pappy’s Bar has been completely changed into nice new charter business! It’s all cleaned up!

Fishing has been brutal for us lately. I fished during the recent cold and did not get a bite on the water and the pier. Water temp fall has not been gradual making fishing tough with the exceptions of Sulfur mine CatFish Lake and Barges on the coast. All the places where the water temp has fallen slowly.

If you would like to see the obvious for your self check episode 1548 of Between the Banks which airs on our TV venues daily, and is also up on YouTube. Last minute help on the BTB fishing line at 504.458.9451. In the meantime good luck fishing....