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BayCraft Owners - Current or Previous

Looking for comments from BayCraft owners...preferably the dual console 23 feet models. Anybody have any experience or issues with the heavier, V6 4 strokes?

Thinking about powering one with a Suzuki DF250AP V6 4 stroke that tips the scales at ~640 lbs. just worried if this is too heavy hanging off a 4 inch setback jackplate? Worried about water backing into the cockpit through the self bailing drain openings or past the scuppers becoming an issue with always having water in the cockpit while at rest.
Re: BayCraft Owners - Current or Previous
How about any BayCraft center console owners?? Again...particularly the 23 footers...How well did/do your self bailing drains work with the V6 four strokes?

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