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Sweetwater Marina

Pretty slow day down at Sweetwater. We launched about 8 boats. A couple of them had limits of reds. One had 22 trout. Prior to today, this week, there has been some good fishing out of Sweetwater! Yesterdays action: there was at least 4-5 boats with limits of trout that came in to the dock. The wind should lay down some tomorrow. Better than today. Fortunately, the wind didn’t blow all the water out. The water is only 8-10 inches lower than normal. The wind will be North East tomorrow, so the wind should blow the water back in. We have some shrimp in the tanks right now. Call before you come down, in the morning, to make sure we have live shrimp. Captain Jack may be going pick up some more this evening from Empire; however, he is waiting on the call from the shrimp pimp. Wind should be a lot lighter, so the fishing should pick up by tomorrow evening. It may pick up tomorrow morning..who knows? The water temp couldn’t have dropped too much. So, we look forward to seeing yall here at Sweetwater Marina! The pictures are from yesterday.

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