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Valentine's Day Tree Rat 2 14 19

Wifey,older son,grandson,and I hit Middendorf's yesterday for pre-Valentine's day feast and we not only enjoyed our meal,we also had fun checking out their little wildlife zoo behind the restaurant.Had some time on my hands,the weather looked like it was gonna cooperate and I hit one of my favorite Honey Island Swamp tree rat spots,armed with my older son's sniper rifle,Ruger lever-action .22 magnum and he loaded up a few ballistic tip bullets as well as hollow-points.Was really hoping to snipe a hog but guess my luck eventually had to run out,especially since today I was armed and dangerous!!!Only had one tree rat jump from tree to tree,finally stop,put him in cross-hairs and fire and heard solid thunk and thought he might get stuck in tree but he fell forward and landed upside down and DOA!!!Did quite a bit of stalking,saw another hunter and we quietly waved and each went separate ways and I made my way to end of long trail where I spotted flock of woodies just yesterday but none today.Slowly made my way back towards vehicle,ran into another hunter,this time we chatted briefly and turns out he lives in nearby Nicholson.He decided to make his way out,I hit another spot and was slowly walking a slough and doggone tree rat high-tailed it and hard to scope a running tree rat!!!Ended up with just one and did not see single hog,guess hunting pressure has them more than nocturnal and this is first time in quite a while that I did not spook one or even hear one!!Got few more days and with scoped .22 mag rifle,hogs better be on guard!!!