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Red Snapper Season?

Anybody have a clue when the season will open and what the limits and time frame we are looking at this year? We nailed a few 36 inch snapper last weekend and had to release them. They sure would have made some pretty blackened fillets. Thank you all in advance!!! signed : Capt. Motorhead
Last I heard is Red Snapper will open the Weekend of June 14. Weekends,(Saturday, Sunday), only till Labor Day. Some holidays may be included. A fall season could happen depending on catch and quota met in the summer season.
This is being determined by the Gulf states as they are now allowed by the Feds to control the Gulf of Mexico season.
Stand by and we will all see if this really happens.
Alabama has published theirs: June 1st-July 28th. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.
Mississippi has published theirs: May 24th- Sept. 2nd (closed July 8th -July 28th)
Thanks guys, sounds like it will be a lot like last years season which in my opinion wasn't bad at all compared to the past few years! Tight lines yall!
I received a email from Wildlife and Fisheries that the state season with the required state landing permit for Red Snapper will open Friday, May 24th and go Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Labor Day or until the state quota is reached. I just got the LDWF new I-phone app for reporting landings of Red Snapper. According to the email I received, you are required to have the ' ROLP Permit '.Here is the link - .
:LDWF announced that once you have downloaded the app, you will be notified when the quota has been met.