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sample page/pic?

could someone post a pic of their screen showing one of Capt. Paul's 'markings' or waypoints? I just want to get an idea of what this will look like. I cannot find a sample anywhere on Capt. Paul's site or on La. Sportsman. Tks
Sorry about the delay but I am experiencing computer problems.
Check your email for attachments.

The Delacroix to Point a la Hatch has over 250 fishing and navigation points. It covers the area roughly from bayou Terre Boeufs at Delacroix Isle on the north to Point a la Hatch on the south. And from Brenton Sound on the east to Spanish Lake on the East. It has many of the reefs that were once land points as well as many other points of interest for fishing and navigation.

First, the EDGE program is NOT a map program that can be loaded into a GPS unit. It is a data program that is written in the format required by your GPS unit. It is NOT a memory cart but It is sent to you as an email attachment via the internet to your email address..

With that aside, here is the information that you requested along with several attachments that are in the program. One is a .pdf general large scale map that cannot be loaded into your GPS unit and a sample of several of the waypoints as described in the program. All of these waypoints can be printed with the general map as a hard copy and bought aboard your vessel. Other attachments are the instructions.

The EDGE also has a data file of all of the waypoints written in the format required by the GPS manufacturer. This data fie should be transferred to a computer file then by following the units directions transferred into the on board memory of the GPS unit. They will appear as overlays on whatever mapping program you have in your GPS unit. Of course the actual electronic waypoint data file is not included in this email, but is in the Edge you can order.

I suggest that you download Garmin’s free data transfer programs called HOME PORT and BASE CAMP from their web site. Either of these will make data transfers between your computer and other Garmin units a simple task. Get them while they are still free.

Look over this mailing, and if you have any questions get back with me.

Captain Paul
Thanks for the response. Info was very helpful. I just ordered & downloaded it. Looks great! can't wait to get on the water. Thanks again Capt Paul.