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What gun to buy?

Hey guys, I'm going to retire my old beat up 11-87 and buy a new duck gun. Please give me a few to check out and what you like about them. Thanks.
Take a look at the Franchi's. I have one and would love to upgrade to a newer model!
I am a duck hunter in my late 60's. I grew up with a Remington 870 Pump 2-3/4'. I was a what I considered to be a good shot with the old gun. Did and still do a lot of duck hunting. When the steel shot became mandatory, and with the steel shot back then in it's infancy, it was not very effective. I purchased another brand of pump gun, 3-1/2' mag. When trying it out it seamed to fit and point well. The trigger was harder to pull, the safety was in a different place, the drop at the comb and heel were different. I went from a fairly good shooter to almost ineffective. It kicked like a mule. Tried to go back to Remington and could not shoot that either. I bought a Browning Maxus. The safety was in the same place, trigger pull was good, but drop at the comb and heel were different. I was more effective with the Maxus than the pump gun. Since I could not go back to the Remington, I spent a lot of time with the maxus shooting clays and messing around. Starting to shoot decently again. I really like the maxus as it is the softest shooting mag out there. I missed a lot of ducks in the mean time. I am talking about a 5 year retraining.

Find a gun with the same dimensions as the one you have if you can. That it aims down the barrel the same and you won't go through what I have been through. Every one will have a different opinion. If they shoot a certain gun well, it does not mean you will.

There are a lot of different brands and each one will serve someone well.

Hope you pick the right one!

   Proud Pop
Beretta A400. Most important thing to consider is if the gun fits you. Does it naturally point where you are looking when mounted. If the A400 fits you and is in your budget, get it. You will love shooting that gun.