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Sight Casting Reds


Did a little scouting and found little gold submarines all over!
A few highlights from my new spot.
Love sight-casting reds and dat looks like either Hopedale or Delacroix.With all the river water we ran into yesterday and the number of 14.5 inch reds I caught,might try sight-casting to Lady P reds basically right in my back yard on NShore,where last HydroCoast Map I looked at showed nice clean water all along NShore,basically from N end of Causeway towards Goose Point and beyond,hard to beat standing on bow of my Southfork and tossing Bomber Spinner Bait!Have heard of some decent speck catches,yep on NShore and got April Sportsman and saw Capt Kris with nice Trestles speck.I HATE combat fishing and love me some mid-week trips with few folks around and saw tons of boats yesterday in Delly!!!Keep sum dem fine reds!!!