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A lot of reds and some trout

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Saturday and Sunday were complete opposite in terms of weather. Saturday was calm and foggy while Sunday was a kite flying day. Fortunately both days planned out. Saturday I had the anonymous crew. The guys put a hurt on the reds and then we ran around looking for trout. We found half of them in about 5ft of water in a tide line and the other half in about 3ft of water over a reef. Matrix Shad under a cork was the ticket, Green Hornet for the reds and Shrimp Creole for the trout. Thanks Capt. Lonnie for taking care of John Marino’s crew as they had a great catch of reds.
Yesterday, Sunday Steve Sasser’s group jumped on the Bluewave. We left out of the Reel Inn with winds close to 20mph which was actually low compared to what it got up to. Using the Motorguide Xi5 and my Powerpole together I was able to keep the boat parallel to the bank even in the wind so no one was left out. Definitely lucky to have all the bells and whistles to make it easier on us. The crew put a good lick on the reds using the Green Hornet Matrix under a Texas Swing Cork.

Capt. Travis Miller

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