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Still don’t need those Stinking shrimp

Went out this morning, and what a beautiful morning it was . I started using my go to plug and it was game on ! To day was another catch & release day lost count at 30 trout all released to fight another day
Re: Still don’t need those Stinking shrimp
Wiz,You definitely on a hot streak and now ya got a chance to see how much work I both have on my hands as well as how much I have accomplished and good news is with trailer outta de way and flatboat securely blocked up,I got access to bottom of flat and should be repairing cracks soon and hope to get Fasco Steelflex 2000 epoxy next week.I have never used that brand,used a 2-part epoxy I got from a WestBank Paint Supplier many,many years ago and scoped out bunch of You-Tube videos of folks applying Fasco and the other item,Gantry crane,and dat crane will come in handy for numerous heavy-lifting projects we always seem to have around my house.Got Abita KC buddy fishing Hopedale tomorrow and he and I and another KC buddy headed somewhere Th,possibly Delacroix/Reggio.Thanks for the tip about where to head this Th!!!