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Catching Continues Down in Dularge

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John Dongieux and family were back onboard with me. We set out for trout once again with the winds blowing 25 mph. First stop had a keeper trout on first cast!! Then basically nothing would bite, we drifted and drifted, moved around fishing points and current lines and structure with no luck. Only a couple more keeper trout and some throw backs so we switched gears to redfish. We found the same thing, a few reds and a couple big bay snapper. We fished long and hard for our catch. Thanks guys for sticking it out. Thanks to Capt Kevin Labat for running the second boat with Greg Laurent.

Capt Kevin and Jared took care of Josh Cowart’s crew yesterday for me. It was another tough day, but they were able to put a mess of trout together. Thanks guys.

Taylor Matherne and family joined me on the Bluewave. We headed out for trout and got invaded by Googans!! Motoring within ten feet of where we were catching fish, Olympic anchor toss, big motoring again, second anchor toss....Well we obviously didn’t catch another fish, so I left the entire area. My crew wanted to catch reds, so to the marsh we went. It didn’t take long and we had the pumpkins coming in to take a ice bath! We caught about 5 on plastic then started throwing shrimp on the bottom. We caught 22 reds keeping 14. We added some bass, bay snapper, and flounder to the mix also. Great day with great people. Thanks Capt T Miller for setting it up. Big thanks to Capts’s Shawn p, Kevin Labat, Jared Broussard for taking care of my Gainnie Lumber crew. They all came in with trout and some reds. Thanks to Capt Elton Rodrigue for taking care of Trent Erwin and crew they also had some trout then hit the bull reds. Good times by all.

Day two with Taylor Matherne, Kathryn Matherne, and Christian Matherne, found us slamming the specks. Double rigged Matrix Shad did the trick, as the big specks were hungry. Great two days with this family. Thanks Capt Miller for setting it up. Big thanks to Capt Kevin Labat for taking care of my good customer Rick Woolsey from California. They had a great day busting up the specks also.

Long time customer Rick Woolsey from California was back with me today on his yearly trip. The guys caught trout yesterday with Capt Kevin so today they wanted to fish for reds and bass. We started out the morning catching a bunch of bass, keeping 20. We had one big red break off on a gold spoon and none to hit shrimp. We changed zip codes and found pristine crystal clear water and started sight casting to reds. We hooked 12 reds out of 25 we saw boating 8. What a awesome experience for these guys as we have never had the opportunity to do this before on any of our trips together. Thanks again guys for the continued business over the last 12 years, always a pleasure fishing with you.

Capt Marty LaCoste